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This charming watercolor painting portrays two swallow birds perched gracefully on slender twigs, set against a pristine white background. The artist’s delicate brushwork captures the sleek elegance of the swallows, with their streamlined bodies and distinctive forked tails rendered in soft, flowing strokes. Their plumage, a harmonious blend of deep blues, soft grays, and subtle whites, is brought to life with gentle gradients and a touch of iridescence. The twigs, painted in earthy browns with hints of green, add a naturalistic element to the composition, their fine details contrasting with the swallows' smooth feathers. The white background enhances the painting’s airy, light feel, allowing the birds and twigs to stand out with clarity and simplicity. The overall effect is a serene and graceful depiction, capturing the delicate beauty and poised elegance of the swallows in their natural habitat.


9x12 Inches 

Framed in Simple Brass Frame

Swallows in Watercolor

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