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This en plein air painting captures the serene beauty of an early morning at the border of a lake. The scene is bathed in the soft, light of dawn, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Gentle ripples dance across the lake's surface, reflecting the pastel hues of the sky—a delicate blend of soft whites and quiet blues. 

Tall, slender reeds and grasses frame the foreground, their dewy tips glistening in the morning light. In the background, the silhouette of distant trees is softly illuminated. The artist's brushstrokes are fluid and expressive, capturing the essence of the moment with a delicate touch. This painting beautifully conveys the quiet, reflective mood of an early morning by the lake, inviting viewers to pause and immerse themselves in the peaceful natural setting.


11x14 Inches

Oil on Canvas

Framed in Ornate Gold Heirloom Frame

Lakeside Morning

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