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Painting With Oils Workshop - Seascape   February 3rd 4:00 PM - 6:00PM $60

Create an oil painting with our Beginners Oil Painting Class, where you'll learn to create a captivating seascape. Perfect for those with little to no prior experience, our instructor will guide you through the basics of oil painting techniques, color mixing, and brushwork.

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Drawing & Painting Nature - Swallows

February  10th & 17th 4:00 PM $80

Create your own painting in our two-part Beginners Nature Painting Class, spanning two Saturday afternoons. In the first session, discover the beauty of nature as you learn to sketch with graphite or charcoal. No prior experience is needed; our instructor will guide you through the fundamentals of drawing. In the second class, transition from sketches to vibrant watercolor paintings, adding life and color to your creations. Join us for two enriching afternoons of creativity—no experience required.


Wine & Art   February 24th 6:00 PM 

Join us for a delightful Art Demonstration, where you're invited to paint along or simply watch the creative process unfold. Sip on  wine as our skilled artist showcases their techniques, guiding you through each brushstroke. Whether you're a seasoned painter or a first-timer, enjoy a relaxing and inspiring evening of artistry. Unwind, socialize, and let your creativity flow in the company of like-minded individuals. Cheers to a night of art and wine!

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