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Children's Wednesday Watercolors Class

Introduce your little ones to the magical world of watercolors with Joni's Children's Watercolor Class! Designed for small children with no previous experience, this engaging and playful class is the perfect introduction to the joy of painting. Under Joni's expert guidance, kids will explore the vibrant medium of watercolors, experimenting with colors, shapes, and imaginative themes. Through fun and interactive activities, they'll develop their artistic skills while fostering a love for creativity. Join us for a colorful adventure where young minds can express themselves freely and bring their imaginative visions to life on paper. No prior experience required—just a splash of enthusiasm and a sprinkle of creativity!

3:15 PM Wednesday Afternoon 



Children's Art Class 

Welcome to our Children's Art Class, a place where young minds ignite their creativity! Tailored for kids with a passion for artistic expression, this class is a colorful journey of exploration and imagination. Guided by our experienced instructors, children will delve into various art mediums, discovering the joy of painting, drawing, and crafting. From vibrant paintings to imaginative sculptures, each session is designed to nurture their artistic abilities in a fun and supportive environment. No prior experience is necessary—just bring your enthusiasm and let the artistic adventure begin! Join us for a delightful experience where creativity knows no bounds.

Saturday Morning 11:00 AM



Youth Master's Class

Embark on an exhilarating artistic adventure in our Youth Art Class, tailored for those with prior art experience, eager to dive into the techniques of master artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt. Participants will delve into the intricacies of da Vinci's precision and Rembrandt's dramatic lighting, applying these techniques to their own creations. This class is a dynamic exploration of art, providing young artists with the tools to infuse their work with the brilliance of the masters. Join us as we bridge the gap between past and present, empowering experienced youth artists to further refine their skills and push the boundaries of their creative expression. 

Exclusive invitation: Register now if you have an exceptionally talented student, and wish to schedule an appointment to assess their skill level.


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